With our crocodile tours our expert guide will show you around a captive-bred bask of more than 200 crocs, ranging from hatchlings to adults. You’ll walk on ramp ways spanning four large dams, all the while learning more about Africa’s largest reptile. You might even get a chance to view these fascinating predators in their underwater environment from our viewing cabin. With 11 daily crocodile tours, no bookings are required. Between 15 Dec & 8 Feb we feed the crocs at 11h15, and 14h15, weather and other factors permitting. NO BOOKINGS NEEDED FOR INDIVIDUALS.

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Our indoor, self-guided ‘Snakes in Transit’ snake exhibition features an impressive collection of local and foreign snakes. It is open seven days a week. The snakes are housed in roomy enclosures fronted with safety glass. The clearly-signposted snake exhibition includes loads of information about our scaled brethren. On Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays (at 12h10) our experienced snake handler puts on an interactive snake show where you’ll learn to appreciate these oft-misunderstood creatures. A touch opportunity with an ambassador snake is available under supervision of our well trained guide. ‘Africa’s deadliest’ snake shows are conducted on 26,29 December and 1 January at 12h10 -during these shows the snake handler will introduce some of Africa’s most feared snakes – with a touch component! BOOKINGS ADVISED for the snake shows.

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Take things to the next level with our crocodile cage diving experience by sharing a pond with half a dozen adult Nile crocs. Facilitated by African Croc Dive, crocodile cage diving is a thrilling close encounter that includes a safety briefing and all diving equipment. It takes place in a sturdy and spacious steel cage that’s surrounded by water on all sides. You’ll spend around 20 minutes in the crocs’ watery habitat and will get to see them both feeding and resting. The crocodile cage diving experience is both underwater and at surface level.  Booking is recommended but not essential. 15 September – April, six daily dives, ages nine and up.

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Our wide, tranquil dam doesn’t just look great, it’s also stocked with bass and tilapia ( but no crocs! ) and great for bass fishing. Cast a line from one of several jetties or take a jaunt in our rowboat. Fringed by willows and set against a spectacular mountain backdrop, the dam is popular among experienced anglers and novices alike. This is bass fishing with a view ! We can arrange an in-depth lesson with a professional fishing guide to take your bass fishing to the next level. Fishing not your thing? Cycle track available ( suitable for ages 5 to 12 ). You can bring your own equipment or you can borrow from us.  NO BOOKINGS NEEDED FOR INDIVIDUALS.

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With crocodiles, pizzas and play areas galore – not to mention loads of fresh air – we are the ideal kids parties venue. First choose between the four different venues (both outdoors and indoors), then decide whether you’d like to bring your own food and drinks or if you’d prefer us to take care of that (order from our menu or host a pizza party). Then top it all off with one or two of the fantastic activities available at Le Bonheur. This is a kids parties venue that will provide adventures the kids will never forget. Holding a real crocodile sure beats a jumping castle and a magic show!

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Our school outings is a result of our passion to foster an awareness and appreciation of reptiles among South Africans. We view ourselves as an outdoor classroom. With our school outings learners will get to see 200 crocs (from hatchlings to 3+ metres) and get to meet a few local and exotic snakes. Because we know how busy teachers are – we’ll even throw in some grade-specific activity sheets for them to take home as part of the school outings experience. Afterwards, the learners can make use of our many play areas, and we can even provide lunch if required. School outings have just become an adventure!

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